Shinybow SB-5645LCM 4x4 HDMI Matrix

Has anyone gotten the Shinybow SB-5645LCM 4x4 HDMI Matrix working in Roomie? I found a great price on one but wanted to make sure it will work before I get it.

Here are some relevant links about it:

Product page: … cts_id=315


RS-232 Protocol:

I looked at those, but got a really good price on an 8x3…I had to manually add the codes to the ir database.


As long as it does IR, you can learn and add it

Is it possible to manually add the RS-232 commands?

We have a DDK here allowing the addition of any custom serial commands:

Thank you.

Best thing to do is check with Shinybow directly for all the details. I have used KVMSwitchTech’s HDMI Matrix products in the past and they work well.

Looks like it should be fairly straightforward to implement using the DDK if I end up getting it, thanks Roomie!

Any update to this thread? I know the LCM series has been added to the RS-232 compatibility lists, but I was also looking for people’s experience using this shinybow product (or any other one for that matter). Thanks.

This thread is super ancient. Shinybow support was added many eons ago.