Show current room/remote at top of screen

Currently at the top of the screen you show the remote design name. On a small device, like ipod, etc, it becomes a bit cumbersome to remember what room and real device is currently displaying its remote.


Since I take my remote to/from 3 rooms, and put it down, it becomes a bit of work to determine if it is already setup for that room, etc.


An alternative is to display, upon waking up, a box that says something like “Tivo Premiere in Den” that goes away in a second by itself


While it doesn’t cover the device, note that the room name is always displayed. Even on an iPhone screen, the tab itself at the bottom of the screen is renamed to the name of the room.

Thank you.

That covers it! I never noticed the tab named to the room name.

I do name my designs as “Devicename Remote” so it does display that at the top.