Show DirecTV channel title for music channels 800-8## (not

If possible, it would be greatly helpful to show the DirecTV description/title (not song title) of music channels 800-8##. For instance, 90s’, Jazz, Blues, etc. The Roomie channel guide has a lot of info, but music channels only show “Sonic”. I have an activity to listen to DirecTV music, but no way to tell what the music channel is. The channel title and song playing shows up in the DirecTV iPad app but song title is not important compared to the channel title. Thanks!

That’s probably trivial to add. Please perform the following steps:

• Turn on Collect Diagnostics in Roomie’s Settings.
• Tune to a DirecTV music channel with an Activity that shows DirecTV feedback. Leave it tuned there for 10 seconds or so.
• Tap Send Diagnostics and then turn off Collect Diagnostics.
• Email us the time at which the diagnostics were sent so we can find them.

Thank you.

AWESOME! Sent to support at 12:33 Pacific. THANKS!