Show DirecTV channel title for music channels

It would be immensely helpful for the Roomie DirecTV guide for music channels 800-8## to display the description ( 90s’, Jazz, Blues, etc.), and possibly song title. Currently, those channels only show “Sonic” so there is no way to know the type of music making that part of the guide useless. The normal DirecTV guide and DirecTV iPad app has this information. Thanks!

Same thing for the PPV channels

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I asked for this a looong time ago in a discussion about directv’s on demand channels.

Just please put a placeholder in with the channel title so we are able to go to these channels within the guide! I can provide a channel list if necessary. :slight_smile:

OR – better yet – allow us to add our own custom channels for things such as directv so we can insert any missing channels ourselves.

Was hoping to see this in 2.0 (nice update) but no luck, still need to use another app to tune music channels and jump back to Roomie. Please keep on the wish list.

Hate to resurrect an old thread, but was just curious what the roadmap for DirecTV additions is? I can help brainstorm if this is still something on your to-do list. Here’s what I’d like to see offhand:

– Custom channel names (this would help for regional channels or music/ppv/etc).

– long-press on a show in the guide to record. As of now, I find myself going back to my directv remote for recording things because it’s a little cumbersome on the ipad. Being able to long-press a show in the guide to record would definitely solve this.

Might as well pile on - I’d like to see a “selector” to choose which custom guide I want to use.