Simple Control 4.2 Release

[ul][li]Honeywell Thermostat support for all Wi-Fi and RedLink models (excluding Lyric).[/li]
[li]Amazon Echo Channel Tuning: Channel change syntax is now available: “Alexa, tell Simple Control to tune HBO.”, or “tune channel 725”. Most popular channel names are automatically translated to the appropriate channel number. Echo integration requires both Simple Sync and Simple Service.[/li]
[li]Amazon Echo Iteration: Commands such as “skip” and “replay” can now be issued to Alexa with a repetition count such as “Alexa, tell Simple Control to skip 6 times.”[/li]
[li]RTSP H.264 Video Camera streams now use iOS hardware decoding resulting in significantly better streaming performance.[/li]
[li]All thermostats now use a significantly improved user interface.[/li]
[li]Ecobee Thermostat control now includes mode control.[/li]
[li]Plex Media Player: Auto-discovery and control of the new Plex Media Player.[/li]
[li]Plex Media Player Media Guide: Full Media Guide for your PMP video content. Requires Simple Service.[/li]
[li]Device and Time Trigger Commands: Send individual commands in addition to launching Activities based on a trigger. This can be used to execute precise commands (eg. repeating volume) when triggering from external button interfaces such as iPort for instance.[/li]
[li]Sonance iPort Surface Mount with Buttons: Wall mount for iPad supported as a Trigger device.[/li]
[li]Simple Blaster with Relay Cable is now available as a Trigger device. (eg. a contact closure/sensor can now engage a Trigger)[/li]
[li]Improvements to speed and reliability of pairing with Simple Sync.[/li]
[li]Improvements to cursor control via Simple Sync for OS X.[/li]
[li]Improvements to Apple TV 4 control.[/li]
[li]Optimizations for Remote Access.[/li]
[li]Fixed feedback panels for Denon receivers using the HTTP control method.[/li]
[li]Many new room and activity icons. All room icons are automatically upgraded. All old icons remain available.[/li][/ul]
Simple Sync must be upgraded to 3.3.0 or later for compatibility with this release.