Simple Control 5 app last call to download

Soon, we’ll be removing the old Simple Control 5 app from the App Store. If you have already downloaded it in the past, it will remain available to you in your purchase history indefinitely. For anyone else, it will not be visible or accessible.

We have multiple years of advancements since that old app in the modern app. Leaving the old V5 app on the store causes constant confusion – no doubt some users think that old app represents the current state of things.

The reason we left it up so long is that in principle it can be used for things like guest access for those still on that system. For that reason, I am posting this note so you can take care of any final needs in the coming days.

For anyone still on the old app, the time has come to update to the modern V6 app. We recommend immediately moving to the modern app following the instructions here:

Subscriptions transfer over to the new app automatically. Use these instructions if you have an old subscription to ensure smooth transition:

Thank you.

Following the 5 month notice per message above, the old app is now removed. If you were a previous downloader of that app, you can still download it in your App Store purchase history.

Note that as of iOS 14.5 which will likely be released very soon by Apple, we expect most functionality in the old SC5 app to stop working due to multicast networking changes on the iOS side. Roomie Remote 6.7.1+ (the current version) is required for iOS 14.5+, and all prior releases will mostly not work. As we have said since mid-2017, the time to upgrade to the modern app is right now.

Thank you.