Simple Control Hub

First, where do you buy a simple control hub?

Next, I currently have Harmony Hub. How is the simple control hub better?

The Simple Hub is simply a device to provide a lower cost way of running Simple Sync – which is now available for OS X and Android platforms. We expect it to be available hopefully this month or shortly thereafter. It will be available at

The Harmony Hub is comparable to a Simple Blaster not to the Simple Hub. The Harmony Hub simply outputs infrared and is a pure blaster rather than a flexible device like the Simple Blaster which has 3 discrete IR outputs and can even switch to serial control or relay control with many additional options totally outside the scope of Harmony which is 99% an old-school IR product. The Simple Blaster is also open so it is compatible with many products, and much more easily integrated into scenarios like a cabinet where a single point can’t reach every controlled device. Additional comparison chart details are here:

The Simple Hub is a totally different beast – the Simple Sync page goes into what that does:

For most users, the primary function is synchronization between multiple devices. It also provides triggers (both time based and device feedback based), Remote Access and more. Use of Simple Sync/Hub also provides SmartThings Integration and soon will be the core component for our Amazon Alexa integration.

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So I can get the Simple Sync app and not use the Simple Hub or do you need both?

I now understand the capabilities. Since Simple Control can integrate into almost everything why integrate with Smart Things? Isn’t smartthings a competitor?

Yes, the full name of Simple Hub is actually “Simple Sync + Hub”. You would not run Simple Sync and also have a separate Simple Hub. You only need one or the other.

SmartThings is not at all a competitor. They do exactly nothing in the AV space. Similarly, we don’t provide our own line of motion detectors, etc. They are more or less a DIY alarm system. From an integration perspective with Simple Control, the most useful elements are usually triggers based on motion detection to effect an Activity in Simple Control such as turning on lights or turning on a TV, etc.

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If I have bought the Simple Control and have subscribed to the Simple Service (20 devices) and Simple Sync (considering to sync my iPhone with my iPad), can I get the Simple Control Hub as a separate purchase and will everything I have already work with it? I believe that the hub will be sold with the software package as a bundle. I wanted to make sure that I don’t need to pay for apps and subscriptions that I already have.