Simple Control – New Brand and 4.0 Migration

Hi Folks,

Please forgive any construction in the next couple of weeks as we cut over to the new brand, Simple Control, and product line. Some parts of the website will be taken offline during this time to migrate to the new website, new store, new forums, new app, and new product line. At the end of this process by late October or so, the existing forums will be online in an archived mode for searching, and new content will go into the new forum. This is now a bit of a hard hat area, moderation may be slower than usual, please as always make sure to submit support questions as tickets rather than to the forums.

Product functionality itself should not experience any impact from this migration.

As part of the process, Simple Control the new app will replace Roomie Remote on the App Store shortly. It’s just a normal App Store update with a new name. As with any major migration to a new release, customers with managed configurations should evaluate when is the best time to migrate to a major new release before updating from the App Store. We anticipate working through any early issues quickly, but any 0.0 release will find some unanticipated issues to be resolved in future maintenance releases.

A full What’s New guide will be posted when the app goes live detailing migration steps. In particular, Roomie Agent must be upgraded to Simple Sync and each client must be paired to Simple Sync which now uses an explicit pairing approval. Simple Sync will be made available simultaneous with the app going live. Alternatively, you may activate an option in Simple Sync to allow all local pairings automatically which simulates the same behavior used today. Also, all Dropbox links must be re-established in the app. If you have not performed a backup recently, now would be a good time to do so. All in-app purchases remain in effect exactly as they are defined today so there should be no issues for migration there.

The new minimum iOS version as we previously announced is 8.4. Downloading on an older device will provide the last compatible release for iOS 7/8.0-8.3 (3.3.0) or iOS 6 (2.4.1). The new minimum watchOS version is 2.0. Apple Watches not yet upgraded to 2.0 will not have the app after upgrading.

Thank you and we hope you enjoy the new release!

Hi Folks,

Quick note that we will be shutting down the old store ( soon as the new store ( seems mostly operational for the products that have gone live so far. The remaining content issues will be fixed over the next few days. A few of the legacy products like WF2CC and such will no longer be available on the new store, and Roomie Agent licenses will be for Simple Sync only on the new store. If there is any reason you need some of the products only available on the old store, this is the last call. Also, one final reminder that Roomie Agent OS X purchased on the old store is a free upgrade to the new Simple Sync.

Also one additional note on an oversight in the 4.0.0 release: The 10 Device Pack can be purchased going forward if someone wants to continue on that path for additional devices if you have previously purchased either the Roomie Service or another 10 Device Pack. The 4.0.0 release does not properly handle that if you tap the Buy button, and that will be corrected in 4.0.1.

Thank you.

We’ve tracked down one other issue in 4.0.0. Users reporting this usually refer to it as Dropbox not working. What’s going on is that Dropbox is not working for some users because in some cases the free 3 Device Pack is not properly added and the original base app purchase is therefore not reflected. This has already been fixed and the fix is waiting on Apple. The fix applies to all cases where a user does not see the “Legacy App Purchase” item in the Simple Store even though they did purchase prior to 4.0.0. Apple seems pretty busy right now, so it’s unclear how fast we can get a build through. Most likely we’ll see that go up within a week.

Thank you.

I’m confused. I have Roomie service and can sign into this Roomie website. However, I cannot log into the Simple Sync in the app on my iPad. It says “unpaired” (not really sure what “paired” does for me, but seems like something I should have). I see no where to sign up for Simple Sync/Control and it seems weird and not customer orientated to require a second/different password. What am I not understanding and how do I login/pair the Simple Sync?

There has been a lot of confusion on that. Going back to the first post in this thread, this website we’re on right now,, is the old website. It’s being replaced by the website you can see right now at That website is not quite ready for prime time so right now both websites are live during the transition. So, for the moment, it is confusing that the accounts in the app are from and have no relation to any prior accounts from Soon though, going to will bring you to the same site as

Note that for many users, there is also no need to use the Sign In feature at all. Only new purchases of Simple Sync from and those with Simple Service and Simple Sync wishing to use Remote Access need to Sign In.

Thank you.

4.0.1 is now live with numerous fixes.

The 3 Device Pack recognition (aka Dropbox not working) for users that purchased prior to 4.0.0 is not fixed in this release. We thought this would fix it, but unfortunately there were two problems there, one of which is how Apple now reports the receipt of prior purchases to us which was not visible until the app went live.

The best workaround remains a 1 month Simple Service 3. We can also give beta access in select cases. We have sent 4.0.2 to the App Store to address this.

Thank you.

Congratulations and thanks to Roomie/Simple Control: the transition you’re undertaking is really complex and you are on top of everything e.g., your response to the “Dropbox/3 Device Pack recognition” issue has been extremely fast, just like every other instance when I contacted Roomie support team over the years.