Simple Hub for AppleTV question

I’m intrigued by potentially using the Simple Hub app on my Apple TV. But, before I spend the $70 ($20 for the App and $50 for the license), I do have a couple of questions:
[ul][li]Since the Apple TV doesn’t ever really power off, will the Simple Hub app continue to function, even if I’m not actively watching something on the ATV?[/li]
[li]Is there any functionality missing from the Simple Hub app and Hub license vs. the Simple Hub?[/li][/ul]

Simple Hub for Apple TV contains the full SimpleHub, no exceptions. The Simple Hub Software License can be purchased in the app (in which case it is tied to your Apple ID) or from our website (tied to your Simple Control account). Use the latter if you may later decide to use another platform for Simple Hub. If you already have a Simple Hub License, just pair with Simple Hub to activate it.

Simple Hub will keep running even if you leave the Apple TV / aren’t watching it. If you plan to use it as Simple Hub, make sure to leave Simple Hub running as the foreground app. Apple TV does not support background operation (yet). That’s why we recommend a dedicated Apple TV for Simple Hub. Simple Hub used just for camera viewing is really a different use case and none of this applies to that of course. However it does tie together well since the Apple TV is dedicated to Simple Hub anyway, it can also be used to review all your security cameras whenever switching to that input.

Thank you.