Simple Hub vs Smart Things Hub

Need clarification, does the Simple Control Hub control smart things devices natively? Meaning - do I need a Samsung Smart Things hub if I have a Simple Control HUB?

You don’t “have” SmartThings if you don’t have a SmartThings Hub. Everything in SmartThings goes through their Hub. So the products are totally unrelated. If you have a motion detector in SmartThings, you can use that to trigger Simple Sync. If you have a light in SmartThings, you can use Simple Control (or Simple Sync) to turn it on/off/etc. The systems talk well to each other but don’t really overlap.

Thank you.

Quick question regarding Smartthings integration with SC - I have all my lighting controls on a Smartthings hub and can control them without issue in SC, but when I try to control multiple lights (say turn on an entire floor of the house so 10+ lights), I see a fairly lengthy execution of the commands. Is there a delay with each command that can be shortened up or eliminated altogether?