Simple Sync and Simple Control on outdated devices

I have a mid 2007 mac running as a simple sync client running OS 10 El Captain. My 27" iMac runs sierra and acts as the simple hub. Since my mid 2007 iMac cannot upgrade beyond OS 10, can I still update to Simple Hub 5 on the 27" iMac and cannot my mid 2007 iMac as Simple Sync version 4.5? Or do all devices need to run in the same version?

Or can I continue running simple hub 4.5 and use simple home version 5? I am trying to avoid buying a new iMac while running version 5 on my phone. I also have an iPad 4 that must run v 4.5. Can v 4.5 connect simple hub v5?

As with every major release, all devices must run the same major version.

There is a minor exception to that in that the Simple Hub appliance is versioned 5.0, but can support either all 4.5 clients or all V5 clients. Not both. V5 upgrades configurations in many areas, so you would not want to bring a configuration backwards from that to 4.5.

OK - then can I continue running simple hub v 4.5 on my iMac, simple sync v
4.5 on older iMac, simple home 4.5 on iPad 4, and run simple home v5
un-paired on my phone?

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