Simple Sync + Hub

When will this available?


Would also be curious about this, as a windows user i unfortunately cant use the hub, and instead of buying an android box for it i would rather just wait for simple to release their own. With christmas season it would be nice to have an idea on pricing and a release date. Beyond ps4 ip control this is the only thing I need yet for my simple control system. Then it could do anything i want it to (including remote access).

That first sentence should have said as a windows user i cant use the software instead of “hub”, I am waiting for the hub because i cant run the software on windows.

We’re hoping December. It might slip beyond that, but it’s the hope. The first place you’ll see it is

Thank you.

Thanks for the update, I just got my nest for the winter and since its freezing in canada it will be great to set temperatures remotely from work before i head home so the house is warm, I am really looking forward to the hub. Not a big deal if it slips a bit beyond december, but the sooner the better! I also tried to use an old iphone running roomie/simple to keep everything in sync but unfortunately my AVR only allows one ip connection at a time so that also ruled out the idea, i never got volume readings while that old iphone was connected to it. The hub and simple sync is my solution to everything.