Siri shortcuts now supported on MacOS

I have started migrating my Roomie functionality from Alexa to Siri Shortcuts once I discovered That Roomie has a very powerful Shortcuts integration. I especially like that I can access the shortcuts using Siri voice activation using my Apple watch. I was looking into ways to access the shortcuts from my Macs when I discovered that MacOS 12 has full Shortcuts support. The app is installed by default and syncs with the IOS version. So shortcuts is turning out to be a very powerful tool that’s easier to implement than Alexa.

Sounds super interesting. I’d love to see an example of one you created and understand how you did it if you don’t mind sharing please.

It’s pretty easy to configure. Here’s a screenshot example of the Shortcuts app. The Shortcuts command is “Start TV Room”, which tells Roomie Remote to start an activity named “Watch Amazon” in the room “TVRoom”.

From my watch, I touch the winder button and say “start TV Room”. From my mac, I press a hotkey and say the same.

Shortcuts can be much more complicated involving multiple commands, and doing all sorts of things like running scripts on the mac, but this is all I needed to get the Siri support I wanted.

BTW, although Shortcuts is now supported by the mac and responds to mac based Siri commands, I’ve found that I can only edit the Shortcuts on an IOS device.

Thank you, got 'em working!

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I’m trying to use the AppleTV to trigger a Shortcut but it only seems to work when my iPhone is present (shortcut was created on it). Am I missing something?

Has anyone figured out how to use the “.VOICE COMMAND” action in the Shortcuts app? It does trigger the Siri command on Apple TV, however I can’t figure out how to record the spoken action and insert it into the shortcut action. I know you can do this directly from within the Roomie app, however in this case I need to do it from within the Shortcuts app…