Siri shortcuts

If I want to run a Siri shortcut from within Roomie, do I setup a URL command. For example: shortcuts://run-shortcut?name=Disable-PiHole. Do I want the option to load silently? I have been researching this and testing and can not get it working. Within an ATV activity I am trying to launch shortcuts.

The correct method was previously posted here:

I have not been able to get this shortcut working through Roomie. In theory when you pick the “load silently” option, the shortcut should run in the background correct? I can get Roomie to pull up the shortcut if I use “launch App or Safari”, but it still doesn’t run.

I am trying to run this shortcut to disable Pihole for 30 seconds prior to launching a CBS sports app on Apple TV that is blocked by the Pihole some reason.

I have tried everything mentioned on this forum but I have had no success.

Any help appreciated.

This is really an iOS question that has nothing to do with Roomie. You may have better luck on the Apple Discussions Forum.

Or, possibly, I don’t really understand the full steps of what you’re doing so you would want to write it as a step by step bug report. For instance, if another app or Safari perhaps can execute that link but Roomie cannot, we could look at it as a bug. But what you describe above sounds like a problem that occurs when Roomie is not even running and you’re also not running Roomie code so honestly it sounds like it has nothing to do with Roomie.

Thanks for the response. This is what I am trying to create and the steps I have taken.

My Pi-Hole blocks the CBS Sports Net app on Apple TV for whatever reason (it’s the only app that gets blocked). CBS however, will launch and work properly if Pi-Hole is disabled before launching the CBS app.

I created an inline button in Roomie, and I want it it run the apple shortcut Disable-PiHole. In the setup area for the inline button, I have it “load” the url: shortcuts://open-shortcut?name=Disable-PiHole. But nothing happens and PiHole is not disabled.

When I hit the CBS button in the Apple TV activity, I am programming it to run this sequence: 1. Load the Disable PiHole by activating the inline button to disable PiHole. 2. Add a 4-5 second delay. 3. Launch the CBS Sports Net App.

For now I am just trying to get the inline button disabling PiHole working before adding the other steps. Should this work? Would “loading” the shortcut URL in theory work for what I am trying to do?

As you can see here, running Shortcuts URLs works fine, so again this question seems to have nothing to do with Roomie.

My only real thought when reading your note actually is “why didn’t he just spend 4 seconds to open Pihole and whitelist the stuff that happens when he runs the CBS app?” That would be the normal way to solve this.

Completely agree that whitelisting
should be the answer. Unfortunately after tinkering at length it’s not an easy fix. There are numerous posts about the trouble people have with PiHole blocking CBS stuff. That is what led me to try to build the workaround by activating the shortcut within Roomie as part of the CBS app launch in ATV activity. Thanks