Sirius stations within Sonos

Is there a way to tune SiriusXm stations from Sonos? If I tune a station on my desktop control I can start and stop playback but I can not figure out how to change stations Using the Roomie app

If anyone can help with this question I too am trying to figure out how to tune Sirius/XM stations from the Roomie App.

This is being moved to feature requests. We identify on the compatibility page which sources are currently tunable from Roomie directly (Pandora, radio stations, etc). While all sources are controllable from Roomie, tuning them is another story so we will update compatibility over time as we add more.

Bump! I am surprised more people haven’t chimed in… This is a huge need. We can do ford for pandora. Is there an eta to show sirius xm channels?

love love love roomie btw. And most importantly, the wife loves it :slight_smile: