SKY+ HD in UK and iTach Flex IP

I stuck with setting up Sky boxes. Two of my boxes are DRX890 and even with this model mentioned in compatibility list, it’s not working. Hardware is ok as transmitter by the box blinks when it should. Oryginal remote works ok, but learned functions doesn’t.

I tried also iLearn and it’s the same - it saves the code that doesn’t work.

Then I tried codes from here: … _codes.txt converted hex to sendir format and it actually worked.

Here are two codes - first one read from iLearn few times with the same result and second one actually working. [POWER TOGGLE]



I think I’m missing possibility to write codes in Roomie Remote manually, that could save me some time, or maybe there is such option but I haven’t found it?

As now I have codes that work for me but no option to use them.

Thanks in advance for any help.

The likelihood that you need to learn codes for a common Sky box in the UK is essentially nil. There are a number of Sky command sets in the library so you may need to try multiple sets, and walk through each step of the IR Diagnosis FAQ such as raising the Retransmit Count:

For the sake of completeness, you may paste learned or found codes in hex or Global Caché format right into Roomie via the templates we provide here:

Thank you.

Thank you for your answer, in the meantime before my post appeared (it took some time as it was my first post) I have found your development kit, added commands I have found on internet, and they work, only thing is I had to use SKY Magic Eye, it did not work directly on the box. And my transmitter was definitely in the right place and working properly.

I’m not sure why but none of the existing roomie command sets worked for me directly nor using the magic eye. I tested it on DRX890 and one DRX895.