Sky Q


What are the plans for integrating Sky Q control? The rollout is starting to gain momentum in the UK…


You will find prior threads on this topic. We remain interested in this and have had several solutions in the past that worked or at least were reported to work at a particular time.

If there is an official API or method for controlling their boxes now that anyone is aware of, please send it our way. We have not heard anything about it to date.

Thank you.

As we were discussing the lack of correct remote for SkyQ which I could be mistaken. It appears you can control the sky box by IP control. I am doing this communicating on port 49160

If you have a look at this node module set it gives you all the codes you need:

Thanks to that user for his work!

Are control configurations something the userbase can work on. Who actually adds supports for new devices and can we add / test them?

I’d very much welcome IP control of Sky Q