Sky Sat HD stop button

For some reason the stop button does not work for by Sky HD box. My box is the samsung if that makes any difference.

HI milez, I too have the same issue. I have just received my H/W in the post and all excitedly set it up only to find that the STOP function does not work!

I have 2 x DRX890-Z boxes and it is the same with both of them. I have tried different IP2IR boxes, as well as ir emmiters and different Sky+ HD boxes but still no stop button.

When I press any other command button the ir receive LED on the sky box lights up saying it has accepted the command but nothing happens when STOP is pressed (though the LED’s on both the IP2IR and the emmiter blink).

Is this the same with you?

We have quite a few command sets for Sky. Exactly which set are you guys using and exactly which model is the first poster using? Also, which country are you both sourcing those models in? Have you tried all of the Sky command sets?

Pace: DV200 Sky Decoder: Satellite
Pace: My Sky HD: Satellite
Sky: All Models: Satellite
Sky Italia: My Sky HD: Satellite
Sky: HD Models Group 2: Satellite
Sky: HD+ Germany: Satellite
Sky: HD Models: Satellite

Hi, sorry for the late reply (been a long weekend off!), I am UK and have tried

Sky: All Models: Satellite

Sky: HD Models Group 2: Satellite

Sky: HD Models: Satellite

I only seem to get any response while using the last one on the list, all seems to work apart from the stop command.


If you use iLearn to learn a new version of the STOP command, we can replace the code in the main library with the new code. Just paste the new code into a reply here or send it to We provide instructions on learning codes here:

No problem, i’ll try to get that sorted in the next day or so.

I’m new to this - my Sky+ is networked, and my iPad Sky+ App works perfectly, but I don’t know how to get Roomie to ‘see’ my Sky+ box.

As of yet, It won’t. Roomie doesn’t currently support control of the Sky+ boxes via the Network (and roomie won’t see/detect them, as the sky boxes do not support auto discovery). Until they have finished (or even started) coding for network control the only way (and the way in which I use them) is via the infra red control pack and IR emmiter with the iTach IP 2 IR adapters.

Hope this clears things up a little.

Many thanks - this is very helpful.


Sorry for the delay, I have just emailed over the ir code string for the stop button.

I have the same problem, could you share me the fix guide?


Lauren of technology

The code we were sent October 24 was integrated into the Sky: HD Models: Satellite command set.

Note also that today’s Roomie 1.7 release integrates Infrared Learning into the app so you no longer need to perform lots of complex activities just to learn a code.