Slider / Apple TV / Oppo 95

Right! set it up and all working well

But it could be better…a few questions

  • Anyway to create a volume slider or just a more effective volume control than multitapping a small button

  • anyway to make Apple TV go straight to the Netflix app

  • my Oppo 95 remote doesn’t show feedback info ie blu-ray title, time etc


Anything with volume feedback gets a slider. Just tap the volume screen to bring it up. If your device has no volume feedback, there’s no way to create a slider.

Apple TV is an infrared device, so that would involve crazy macros with lots of left-left-right-up-down-up-down nonsense. We don’t recommend it. Roku is IP controllable, has great Netflix support, and has a command to jump directly to Netflix.

For the Oppo 95 feedback, assuming you are using serial as Oppo does not provide any feedback yet via IP (they say have a plan to do so in the future), you need to send ‘RS232 VERBOSE 3’ per the Serial Compatibility page. Once that is sent, the feedback comes alive.

Thanks Roomie, very helpful

Does the WD Live TV provide IP control - it looks better specced than the roku?

I presume Serial control requires another dongle/more cost?



Oh, and does the Pioneer VSX- 2020 provide volume feedback? How can one tell



WD TV does provide IP control. We love Amazon Prime, and WD TV does not provide that. Roku has Amazon and a healthy network of third-party channels. We would generally advise Roku.

The 2020 looks like a 2011 model for the EU only? Look for whether it is supposed to work with the generic Pioneer app for iOS. If yes, then Roomie will also work and provide feedback.


Think I’m suffering with being in the UK

  • yes the 2020 doesnt work with the generic app, just a basic AV control

  • Amazon Prime - is that an Amazon streaming service? Also not in the UK