Is it possible to have “live” feedback when sliding the slider. Similar to how it works when sliding the music finder? In other words know the level by seeing live feedback before you tak your finger off the button?



I was wondering the same thing. I had some sliders set up for an ISY. Theycan receive feedback… but only if the activity opens the ISY as the remote… That is a bit limited… It would be nice to receive feedback when opening any remote… Right now I just have my lights on a separate popup activity.

The sliders can address any device in any room on any Remote Design, and you can mix/match those. You just need to specify the Device and Feedback in the Slider button in the Remote Design.

The slider is its own live feedback. It sounds like you’d like to see a numeric value?

Numerical value is a yes… That’s exactly what I’m looking for… Thx…

You can add a Display feedback right next to it if you’d like. They’ll both work.