Smart tv

Just bought a samsung smart tv. On the remote it has a separate button for both netflix and amazon prime, when pressed it takes you directly there. Is there a way to set this up on roomie. If not it would be great to have the option…



What’s the exact model number on that? Also, what is the code on the remote itself? We have some 2013 Samsung Smart models and those buttons don’t exist on them.

Thank you.

Model: UN65F8000
Remote: AA59-00784C

Any update on this at all? I have a samsung plasma with these buttons. Would it also be possible to have a button link to a downloaded app on the tv, like plex?

New commands have been added for Samsung TVs for their latest remotes in the next Roomie Service update. The next update has over 10,000 new codes in it and there have also been some under the hood changes so those will need to be deployed after further testing. It is likely we will deploy everything simultaneously with Roomie 2.1 “soon”.

With regards to the last post, making up infrared commands for arbitrary functions like that is not something Samsung provides.

Thank you.