SmartThings Integration Status

I’m wondering how far off the integration for SmartThings is. They now have a new advanced web app with my.SmartThings, looks quite good at first glance.

I was able to interact with my SmartThings switches but that vanished yesterday when I tried to pair again.

No issues have been reported and this isn’t where issues are reported. Only the ticket system in the app allows us to track everything properly. My understanding is SmartThings flushed most of their infrastructure some months ago and replaced with something else, so at this point assuming they changed the interfaces it would be like adding a new device. Which starts with the question: “are people still using this?”

I was never a SmartThings user, but I do use Hubitat Elevation. I know that there are a lot of converts who went from ST to HE due to dwindling support and other issues, as well as the fact that HE is not cloud-based, so it works without an internet connection for most devices.

I was able to take the ST integration and hack it to use with HE, but it’s just a hack. However, I am able to control RR from HE (haven’t tried the reverse).

I suspect we could easily support HE. As with SmartThings, this is all about the demand from users. The list of things we’re asked to support is extensive, and meanwhile the list of things we do already support that often needs updating is also extensive. Though, in this case it’s much easier to deal with a re-structured SmartThings because it’s here and setup whereas we do not have HE yet. (But HE seems to be cheap so we probably wouldn’t bother asking them for a free unit.)

Thanks for the recommendation for a local Home-Automation Hub/Controller. Looks like SmartThings came and went before I was able to vet and find a hardware-based, self-contained, HA-Controller for our residence.

So, you think Hubitat Elevation has the manufacturer, customer, and community support to stick-around for the long-haul? Like maybe 10 years?

I suggest that you check out the users forum at I find the users to be very helpful and informative.

I bought the HE about three years ago, mainly to play around with and try a few things. The most important part of it was that they supported Homeworks QS natively, and allowed me more control over my home. I have since added a number of Zigbee devices (e.g., Hue motion sensors) and other things to supplement.

No guarantees about it being around, but they do seem to be going strong now, and as I said, the user-supported community is great.

Back on the original topic, SmartThings has been reimplemented in 8.5.0 (the annual Fall release). It will be appearing in our betas soon.

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Excellent that’s welcome news. Thank you.

Hello. We use SmartThings extensively. Came here to post & happy to see it will be fixed soon. Thanks @Will_Price