SmartThings integration

Wondering if there are any thoughts/plans on integrating with the SmatrThings ( … ld-smarter ) platform? I’m really liking my roomie remote setup and it would be kinda cool to be able to control things (like lights) using the roomie app + SmartThings hub. Just a thought, keep up the awesome work!

I would also love this. Any thoughts about integration?

Can we expect any integration from Roomie on this? I know they have an API and other apps have been integrated pretty tightly with it. I use this in my home and would love to be able to integrate it with Roomie so I can have a one stop shop to control my home theatre and lights from one location.



Merged threads. As a general reminder, (1) we usually don’t comment on feature requests until/unless they’re actually released as features, and (2) as with virtually any device not currently listed as supported, Roomie’s DDK can be used by technical users to enable support for new devices at any time without waiting for us to work on it specifically:

Thank you.

I tried using the DDK to create a custom device after creating a SmartApp which would allow control. However, this does not work without setting up a custom in-the-middle server as HTTPS does not seem to be supported in the DDK (only HTTP and IP) - any thoughts on how to get this working without having to write two custom interface applications?

Roomie does support HTTPS, but the decision is made automatically by port so with 2.0.4 if you need HTTPS it must run on the standard HTTPS port 443.

Thank you.

Still no go - I created a custom device but it doesn’t even show up for selection when I try to add a manual IP device - is there a limit or some other restriction for the URL that can be used?

Here is the content of RoomieCodes.plist (actual hex UUIDs replaced with “x”):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


LR Light Off
LR Light On


There is a work around a found that will dim your lights to a preset dimmed percentage using smartthings if your interested. It’s a little convoluted… but it works.

If a custom device doesn’t show up when adding, it’s probably an invalid RoomieCodes file. It looks like a corrupt plist, you’re missing the array key after the first plist key. Use Xcode to verify plists per the DDK, it’s much easier than doing it by hand.

Thank you.

@basrooting - would definitely be interested! Care to post the details or point me to where I can find them? Thanks!

@Roomie - I do have that array key and was editing the plist with Xcode - since I have multiple devices I only copied the array entry for the SmartThings device. All my other custom devices do show up in the application so it doesn’t look like the plist is unparseble.

Send the actual RoomieCodes.plist file to support and they will take a look. They can also use the diagnostic feature to determine any connection issues.

Thank you.

any luck getting the information how to dim to a preset level?


So what I did was use the code attached. It’s a modified version of the scenemachine smartapp. But how I created the working app was as follows:

  1. On smarthings webpage I created a device using a momentary push button in the developer tools. Its basically a virtual dummy switch I use as an activator.
  2. I created a smart app using the attached code "scenemachine" customizing it for my needs. (Please note that once the app is installed you need to preset your lights to there desired strength then run the app to "capture" the desired percentage to use.
  3. Using the Oauth App End Point Example Here I select the momentary switch as the device to use and it presents you with a some on/off buttons.
  4. Being its just a trigger Copy the url either button (I used the "on" button) and paste it in roomie as a custom HTML command and whenever you run that scene the momentary button will be triggered which will trigger your app which in turn will trigger your lights... very rough and I hope to make it work better in the future with on off and dimming features.
I know this is a very brief and broad explanation and if you need help please let me know. And if you are able to make it work better... let me know please!!!!!

Now I have successfully created my custom device and imported it Roomie. I then add a custom IP ( with port 443) and select my new SmartThings device. The problem arises when I try to actually use some of the commands - the command fails to send (the status bar shows in in red). When I use a proxy to inspect the traffic however, there is no traffic actually being sent to Is there any way to trouble-shoot this (I verified that using the URL from a web browser works as expected).

Yes, Support can provide a log of the connection based on the diagnostics.

Thank you.



could you tell me what your approach is? I’d like to see it to see if it works better than my current setup…

dont know what the status of this is, but i have been looking at home automation solutions and I liked this one the most, have not pulled the trigger due to lack of roomie support unfortunately.
The pricing was very nice in comparison to other solutions and it seemed incredibly simple for end users while being quite sophisticated.

It would be really nice if Roomie and SmartThings were integrated.

Control and feedback to and from ST would be great to have.

Thanks, Pete

+1 as well, was researching the lighting solutions for roomie that could also do other things and after looking at the app for smartthings and modest pricing and easy setup gui i was sold, only to find out it seems like the only solution that not supported in roomie. I looked at vera, insteon, ect… and each had issues and problems.