Smartthings Light Brightness Sync

I am just experimenting with smartthings and some lighting and am having some issues getting feedback/synchronization into roomie.
Has anyone else been able to get this to work on their smartthings intergration.

I can confirm that the dimmable light works fine in Smartthings app.
I have set up the smartthings integration below.

I can add smartthings cloud to roomie fine and can see the lights in the manifest. I am also able to turn them on/of (response time is about 10secs so not idea)
But I don’t get any brightness or on/off feedback.

Before I keep going down this rabbit hole I thought I see if anyone else had success getting this working.


Most likely that has to do with some specific brand/type of light as light brightness has worked with ST for ages. You can add Hue lights into ST to control them there for instance with Brightness control. (And also add them directly through Hue on the LAN, and also add them through HomeKit so they’re good test lights.)

Can be determined from the log which you would send to support if you need help interpreting it.

Hey Will sorry, i missed your reply.

I am not sure if this might be the issue or not but the lights don’t connect directly to the smartthings hub.
The lights connect to another hub which has integration with Smartthings hub.
So when you go to smartthings to add a new device I select the brand (in this case Pixel Plus) and then select the light.
It added it into the smarthings app just as it would any other light and you have full control of it in smartthings.
But it is just not transfering that info to roomie. I can see the light in roomie and can add it via the manifest but as mention there is no feedback.

Do you know if this set up is supported or does roomie only support devices directly connected to smartthings?
If this is meant to work I will get a log and shoot it though for you guys to look at.