SnapAV DVR Support


Several of my clients have requested the ability to control their DVR with the Roomie remote. Do you have any plans to or can you already:

  1. Add a url feed into Roomie

  2. Add support for SnapAV DVRs



I second that request.

Is #1 unrelated to this thread or does it relate to SnapAV DVRs in some way?

With regards to the DVR, what integration are you looking for exactly? They publish IR codes here:

The codes here will paste directly into Roomie’s IR templates unmodified for IR control: … otocol.pdf

We don’t see published RS232/IP codes for those. If you have them, you can certainly add them using the DDK:

From their support page:

IP Control For the control freak in all of us! Adjust window and split screen view, control playback and more right from a 3rd party control system’s touchpanel. For a complete list of supported control systems, check out the support tab. If you do not see your system listed, please contact your supplier and ask them to support Wirepath DVRs."
I have experience that they support "dealers" only and not end-users and so most probably you would have to reach out to them to get the IP protocol information.