SNMP Commands

I’d like to be able to send SNMP commands from Roomie.

I own several APC Switched Rack PDUs, which are basically ethernet enabled power strips that can toggle the power on any outlet, like a Belkin Wemo but with many more outlets. They’re often used in large data centers to control servers, but I’ve found them very useful at home as well for complicated computer setups.

Right now, I have a web server running that shows a web page with a bunch of buttons with all of my devices labeled, and that’s how I use it. But of course if my web server computer isn’t running, then I have no control over the outlets. Roomie would give me some easy external control over it.

They support several ways of controlling the outlets - web based, telnet, ssh, but SNMP seems like the simplest way and a generic SNMP support in Roomie might help access other devices like this too.