Sonance Navigator Harbor Multizone System

I just got done adding the Sonance Navigator Harbor to the RoomieCodes.plist file. Using the iTach Ethernet to Infrared Adapter I successfully tested some of the IR codes mainly POWER ON and POWER OFF. All worked great using the IR emitter. Problem is the Sonance Navigator can not be controlled via IR commands because there are no commands for turning on individual zones. The system relies on direct wired keypads to control each zone. I currently have a RTI T3 remote and a T2+ talking to an RTI RP-6 which I use to control two of my zones via remote. I just hardwired a cable with a 1/8" phono jack on one end to connect to the RP-6 and the other end ties into the back of the Sonance Navigator just as a keypad would connect up. I actually have keypads in the rooms I control with the RTI remotes but the remote is much more convenient. So here is my problem, I know my commands work using an IR emitter to turn on and off the Sonance Navigator (when using IR it only controls zone 1). When I take the same cable from the RTI RP-6 and plug it into the iTach Ethernet to Infrared Adapter it fails to power on the system. The only thing that is out of the ordinary here is a soldered a diode in the phono jack to keep IR data traveling one way through the cable. Before I made this fix both zones that I use a remote for would turn on due to IR data being feed back into the other cable. I have tried both ports 1 and 3 in blaster mode thinking the IR signal might be week in port 1. No dice still doesn’t work. Any suggestions?

This really sounds like a question that at best might be posed to Global Caché support. Once we got to “soldered a diode”, it’s safe to say this went well beyond Roomie support and into electrical engineering. Either the Sonance people or the GC people would be your best bet to figure out the electrical compatibility of the two devices when connected as such. Thank you.

I ran a new cable minus diode from the iTach Ethernet to Infrared Adapter to the Sonance Navigator and it did not work. I then plugged a IR repeater in it’s place and it did work. I copied this thread to the Global Caché forum, hopefully someone will be able to help

Well I did some more investigating and discovered the following: To obtain the IR codes for the Sonance Navigator I launched IR Library Manager which comes with the RTI Integration Designer Software. I cut and pasted the HEX data for each command into the RoomieCodes.plist file. What I found is there are IR codes with and without frequencies. I looked at the codes I used for my RTI remote and noticed that I used the codes without frequencies. I swapped out the POWER ON and POWER OFF on the RTI to the IR code with frequencies and it failed to operate the system, I then swithed back and it worked. So controlling the Sonance Navigator via the IR receiver requires frequencies and via the keypad connectors without frequencies. So I still have a problem. . . .in the IR Library Manager there is no HEX data displayed, it just says <>. So how do I get the non frequency codes into the RoomieCodes.plist file?

This again sounds like a third party support issue. It sounds like you’re having a problem with a third-party app? We’re not sure what you’re describing. All IR codes have frequencies.