Sonos control

Is it possible to control a sonos player via ip or launch the iPad controller from within the remote app via URL.

Sonos has a growing thread of upset users at their lack of a URL scheme to launch their app:

Meanwhile, we will be taking a look at what we can do for Sonos control in an upcoming release after the 1.4 cycle. It’s basically an unpublished and closed environment, but it sure wouldn’t be the first time we needed to work around an unpublished protocol.

I am also eagerly awaiting this feature.

Me too. How about using DLNA? The Sonos supports that, although it looks like there might be a few things missing (e.g. Internet radio).

Any update on Sonos integration?

We’re closer to nailing down a Sonos release. It’s probably going to be 1.6, but we’ll see.