Sonos Grouping Not Working

Hey guys,

Loving the look of the update…

I can’t seem to get Sonos grouping as pictured in the screenshot of the 3.0 release notes… in fact i have no grouping options at all…

I am sure its probably something i am doing… any ideas?

The new Sonos Grouping is now just part of the normal volume controls for the Virtual Remote.

The caveat that probably is throwing you off is that whereas previously Sonos Group controls would appear in the Media Feedback panel even if Sonos was not set as the Volume Control for the Virtual Remote, now the ‘Volume Control’ setting of the Activity must be set to any Sonos device in order to engage the grouping view when the volume screen is tapped.

Thank you.

hi guys, sorry for the delayed response…

that was exactly it… needed to set volume control to sonos on the virtual remote. problem solved.


loving it.