Sonos Input Change


I’m wondering how to make an Activity change the input on a Sonos device. For example making the TV Activity change to the Line in, or a Pandora Activity change to Pandora radio.

All help is greatly appreciated!!!

I’m looking for the same thing. “TV IN SET” is not responding but other command do.

Remember that anytime you change the source on Sonos, you then need to issue a PLAY command. It’s not like a receiver where you just change the input, you need to PLAY the TV input.

Thank you.

FYI We just issued a device update for Sonos a few minutes ago. The .TV IN SET/PLAY combo was broken by a Sonos firmware update. The device update fixes that so that you can once again force a Sonos PLAYBAR to the TV input.

Thank you.

Thanks! The Sonos URL app workaround was frustrating. I assume this will be part of your next update to the App store?

It’s already live. Device updates are separate from app updates. Roomie updates every 24 hours automatically, but you can force an immediate update by tapping ‘Update Devices’ in Settings.

Thank you.

Super! Just tested it and the issue is resolved. Never noticed the Update Device option before. Thanks again.

Hello, is there a command to play the Sonos Queue irrespective of what is in it? Thanks