Sonos Line In from a different Sonos Player

I have 11 Sonos Connects in my house.
Sonos gives the ability to set a player to Line In from a different player.
So for example, my living room sonos has a line in. I want to be able to listen to the living room’s line-in, using my bedroom sonos.
Sonos allows this, but I can’t find a way to do it in roomie. I see the .LINEIN SET, but it doesn’t allow me to specify which line in. It just uses the line in from the current sonos player.

If this is not currently doable, please ad this to a future release.

Please advise.

Just group it with the Connect with that Line In. “Grouping” is effectively setting the source of the grouped player to the source of the master for the group.

Thank you.

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Since this topic is so old, I’m not sure if I should reply here or start a new topic, so I’ll start here. I see several threads suggesting that grouping is the answer for selecting a different line-in source for a Sonos player. This does not solve the problem gchityat118 identified in the original post. Here’s a sample configuration I’ll use to illustrate the problem:

line-in source > Sonos Device > Room Speakers

DirecTV1 audio … >… Connect:Amp1 … > … Living Room
DirecTV2 audio … >… Connect:Amp2 … > … Bedroom
DirecTV3 audio … >… Connect:Amp3 … > … Kitchen

There are 3 Connect:Amps, each driving speakers in a different room. Each room has its own TV fed by a 4x4 matrix switch. The switch has HDMI inputs from 3 different DirecTV receivers so any DirecTV receiver can be routed to any TV.

Additionally, the audio from each receiver is fed to an input of one of the Connect:Amps as shown above.

Let’s assume each room is playing the following audio:

line-in source > Sonos Device > Room Speakers > Audio Playing

DirecTV1 audio … >… Connect:Amp1 … > … Living Room… > … Pandora Station
DirecTV2 audio … >… Connect:Amp2 … > … Bedroom… > … Spotify Station
DirecTV3 audio … >… Connect:Amp3 … > … Kitchen… > … SiriusXM Radio

gchityat118 wants to be able to listen to the DirecTV1 audio in the Bedroom, but still listen to the Pandora Station in the Living Room. The Sonos app allows you to route the DirecTV1 line-in audio from the Connect:Amp1 to the Connect:Amp2 in the Bedroom.

Grouping devices in Roomie won’t solve the problem, as there is no Sonos Device playing the DirecTV1 audio. Grouping the Connect:Amp2 with the Connect:Amp1 would simply play the Pandora Station in the Bedroom, not the DirecTV1 audio.

The ideal feature would be to have the ability to select the specific input for the .LINEIN SET via a dropdown box, just as you can select the specific Sonos Device for the .SOURCE SET command. Is there any way to accomplish this with the existing feature set?

If not, is there any plan to add this functionality to Roomie?

It’s a very long explanation, so I’m not sure I got every nuance of it. It doesn’t sound very complicated though. I feel like it could have been written in 1-2 sentences to simplify it. Regardless, all I’m seeing above is a .SOURCE SET command sent to Connect:Amp2 with a parameter of Connect:Amp1. That is how you “group” things programatically.

Thanks for the quick response (on a replay to a 4-year old old post!), but it seems as though we are talking past one another. I think that in the grouping that you recommend, both Connect:Amps would output/play the same source, which is not what is desired. I will try to simplify the issue in two sentences:

I would like the Connect:Amp1 to play a Pandora station on its speakers, and the Connect:Amp2 to play on its speakers the input to the Connect:Amp1 (DirecTV1 audio). This is very simple to do using the Sonos app, but I have not found a way to accomplish this with commands in Roomie.

Should be doable using the same basic procedure as this:

Awesome … that worked! Thanks for the assist!