Sonos, Pandora and Roku commands


I am a newbie to Roomie, and am loving it so far. I’m a “tinkerer” and seem to be genetically predesposed to try every option in an app…

I’m interested in what seems like the potential in the #, commands such as .Pandora set; .Play set, etc in Sonos. Would like to be able to jump directly to a station…if possible.

In Roku there are similar commands like .channel set. I’d like to be able to jump right to Netflix for example.

Is there a list of what these commands do and how to configure them?



Many IP controllable devices feature advanced commands like that. There isn’t a simple rule for how to use each one, and some of them are too complex to try to document such as .PANDORA SET. However, some of them we do document and discuss and those can be used freely. For instance we’ve previously documented the .AIRPLAY SET and the new . AIRPLAY TOGGLE SET command in 1.7. Those just take simple Airplay speaker names.

Roku .CHANNEL SET is slightly less friendly, but not difficult. Use a web browser to access:

Replace above with the IP of your Roku. That will show you the channel next to the ID of the channel that you would enter into the .CHANNEL SET command.

In general there is one rule. If you look at the command in Roomie and it asks you for a specific entry with a placeholder, for instance .VOLUME SET always asks for a normalized volume value in standard format (eg. ‘-42.5’), then the command accepts those friendly values. Otherwise the command is device native, and requires you to know what that device itself is expecting, for instance the Roku channel ID above, or a Denon radio preset, or countless other examples. You can always ask support if you need to perform a specific function.


In case anyone is having trouble finding their IDs, support just let me know that certain browsers (looking at you, Safari) may not display the IDs correctly.