Sonos Playbar Inputs

How do I manually switch between line-in/TV and nothing on a Sonos Playbar? I need to switch the Sonos from whatever state it is in to TV for my DVR/BluRay/etc. audio. When I shut the TV off, I need to switch Sonos to some other state so that my DVR doesn’t continue to play through the speakers. I tried .line set + play and .tv set with no luck. Any thoughts?


So basically you would want to ask “how would I do this in the Sonos world”. The Playbar does not have Line-in per se, it’s considered a TV input instead.

Have you tried just sending STOP? That often works with Sonos devices. Another solution would be a .VOLUME SET to 0. Or a MUTE ON.

Technically, the correct way to do this is to send a .SOURCE SET command with the exact format we documented here:


Except add “#0” to the end of that. That will disable the source. Then send PLAY.

The first two solutions are likely much simpler.

Thank you.

Cool. I’ll give that a try when I get a chance (traveling). Just to be clear: for a system with the serial number 000A1B2C3D450, I would send .SOURCE SET x-rincon:RINCON_000A1B2C3D4501400#0 plus PLAY to disable the audio source.

Also, is there anything special I need to do for .TV SET to switch the Sonos to the TV input on it?


i have the same problem with my new sonos playbar. Did you managed to get it working? i have tried both with the source set command and the .TV SET. Actually, when i try source set when already in TV mode it changes to music mode.