Sonos .RADIO SET parameters

I’m trying to add an activity that starts a Sonos component playing a particular radio station. I’m trying to use the .RADIO SET command, which has 2 parameters, but I can’t figure out what they should be. each time I’ve tried it I get sonos.unknownMediaRequest.

I’ve search for documentation but can’t find any.

Thanks - David



i’d like to understand this too. I wonder if I can use this to set up activities that tune to a specific radio station?

Same here. This would include Sirius stations

Please can someone at rooomie help us with Sonos parameters? I too am trying to understand how to manipulate Sonos commands to start a specific radio station.

The .RADIO SET command is not designed to be called by users. However, it can be. The problem is that you would need to know how Sonos internally refers to its radio stations which is not immediately apparent.

For instance, tuning KDFC is a .RADIO SET with a parameter of “s32104”. That is an internal Sonos ID. Then issue a PLAY command to start the station.

The way to get those internal Sonos IDs is not easily accessible. Today, the best way would be to use WireShark, watch what Roomie does for the station you want, and then use that ID as the IDs themselves basically never change.

What we want to do is upgrade some of these internal Sonos commands to user-friendly Sonos commands that you can just type “104.9|KDFC (Classical)” and Roomie will look it up for you when sending the command.

Thank you.

Thanks, I didn’t realized that the dot commands were primarily for internal Roomie use. Having something more user-friendly as you describe would be great.


Hey that’s great thanks, i managed to find the station id’s by searching the TuneIn station through google. Now works a treat.

Thank you.

On a related issue, how can I start Pandora automatically on a Sonos Connect? I just want a button that will log into Pandora and bring up the list of stations. Can I accomplish it with .RADIO SET if I know the internal code for Pandora?