Sonos support

I am using Roomie to control Sonos and have found that there is limited control. I am not able to create playlists and edit them. I am wondering if you have plans to control this in the future? Or am I missing something in the operation platform. Thanks, I am very much enjoying using Roomie remote.

We generally figure creating playlists is something better done in the Sonos desktop app as it is somewhat cumbersome. From a Roomie perspective, our time is likely better focused on playlist management. No real reason not to add it in the future other than the reasoning that users are not as likely to use Roomie for that kind of functionality.

I can appreciate that. I am really enjoying having Roomie as an all in one solution ( do not want to open the Sonos App at all). If I don’t have to.Well thanks for the reply.

is there any update on when we might be able to search in sonos for artists and tracks?