Sony 2013 TVs?

Looking for whether Roomie Remote will support KDL-70R550A TVs, and whether they’ve started including Wake on LAN.

Thanks in advance


Sony TVs are well controlled via IR of course.

We also have existing Sony TV IP control that we have tested through their 2012 models.

We receive our first 2013 test unit on Tuesday. If they have real power control via IP in this year’s models, we should know soon. We have reason to believe there is a chance it has been added actually. If so, it will apply to the X900A, W900A, W802A, and W650A models. The chance that any of the RXXX models have power IP control is almost nil, but whatever changes we make to the rest of the IP control for Sony TVs will likely apply to the RXXX series as well minus power control. We should be updating the compatibility listings with the results and library updates within a week or so.

Thank you.

As always (with the exception of Squeezebox :wink:), you guys are right on top of things. Thanks!

Support for Sony’s 2013 models has now been added. To our delight, the entire range of 2013 IP controllable models supports Wake on LAN.

Also, it looks like there are some additional, exciting features we will be able to add for those models in the future.

On the whole, Sony just took a surprising leap into the #1 position for TV IP control.

Thank you.

Does this include the R550 series? :slight_smile:

We track supported models on the IP Compatibility list here:

It’s possible the R550 could work somewhat, but we do not list it as all the information we have indicates it either is completely incapable of IP control or at the very least does not support power IP control.

Thank you.

hi, i noticed that you haven’t added the compatible models yet. therefore i’d like to make sure (before i go ahead and buy the TV) you plan to support KDL-46W905A (it’s a Swedish (perhaps EU??) model). i know it works with IP, including Wake on Lan as i’ve tested it in the store with the Sony app, but wanted to make sure it will be supported in roomie remote as well? regards, jonas

We did add the model listings yesterday. They are at the link above.

The W905A would be a regional model. Even though it is not listed, it should work. The real rule is simply if SideView works, it will now work with Roomie. We just list the models to be clearer.

Thank you.

my bad. didn’t see that you had added them. thank you for the super quick reply.

Hi Roomie, I’m still in love with you!

Just bought a new Sony 42" led for the bedroom, I bought a sony because of the IP power on feature, I think I have tried everything to get it to work.
Connected to network and controlled by rooming for everything including power off, info feed to room Chanel changes ect BUT no power on.

I installed the Sony sideview app and paired the ipad again( new id created for the app) and sideview was able to turn the TV on, but it asked me first / displayed a message “connecting”

Roomie also showers the device as “matching”

Home network settings are all on as are reindeer settings.

Please help, I can’t bare using normal remotes any longer :slight_smile:

This is the kind of thing that should just go directly to support as it’s a simple question we get a lot and trivial to resolve, but in the interest of updating this thread and pushing out the information so that future users can find it more easily, here is the Wake on LAN FAQ that shows the command you need to add for Wake on LAN devices:

Also, for Sony 2013/2014 TV models, there is no need to use Sideview anymore. All of the registration and such is built into Roomie now.

Thank you.

Hello Roomie,

thanks very much, no surprise the WOL guide and settings worked first time!!

thanks very much for your speedy response, will post in support next time.

Sony 2014 iP TVs AAA+++ Highly Recommended