Sony 2015 TVs IP Compatability

Has anyone tested any of the new sony 2015 tv’s yet? In particular the XBR series. Does Wake on LAN still work like it has for the 2013 and 2014 models?

I too would like to know about WOL and other controls for the 2015 XBRs.

Based on support tickets we believe this works with virtually everything in the 2015 range. We’ll update the device compatibility page when we have definitive information. We use the same protocols used by Sony themselves for the manufacturer app. Compatible models for that are listed here: … l#internet

Thank you.



Hello I have a 2014 x8505B and I would thought the following request would apply to 2015: is there a way to use the record and pause TV options inside roomie via IP control ? I’m in Europe (France) and a lot of people there aren’t using cable Box (which are often ISP proprietary) and/or DVR (includes in ISP proprietary cable box).