Sony AZ7000ES Receiver

I purchased the new Sony AZ7000ES AVR. I have tried all the ports on the compatibility list with no luck and I have tried all the Sony options that comes up for devices and still no luck. I have tried these devices with IR as well and non of them control the new Sony.

Are there any plans to add the New Sony AVR’s anytime soon?


Have had zero requests for this so far. If you come across an API, feel free to contact support, the forum is not useful for these kinds of investigations. The “I have found a new receiver model/manufacturer” comes up every 6 months or so and is easy to resolve as long as the user is dedicated to testing changes. We don’t just sit around buying $4K receivers every day without interested party users. Also, until it is certain an IP control API exists and works, there’s no reason to spend time on it. Certainly, Sony has a history of occasionally releasing random products with no IP control whatsoever (eg. Sony X800M2 UHD BD player which sits above the great 700 and below the 1100 both of which had great IP control). So don’t assume it will work eventually until there is evidence of that.

I would note that at a high level it is unlikely Sony made any major changes and very likely one of the existing APIs we support when used on the right port with the right settings will control it. But certainly Sony has a dizzying array of APIs and ports so testing all of those can take time for an unknown model. Doing the basic legwork of using nmap to figure out the port is definitely the easy part though:

sudo nmap -v -p1-65535 -sS [IP of your Device]

In the very unlikely chance Sony didn’t add IP control to that model and in the extremely unlikely event that the IR codes actually are changed for that model, you can always learn the IR codes from a physical remote.

I have the STR-AZ5000ES.

While I also have not been able to get IP control to work, I have had moderate success with Serial control using an iTach IP2SL assigning the receiver as ES Models Zone 1

Volume reporting works perfectly.
The only issues I have had with using serial:

  1. The mute will toggle on, but will not toggle off. I have to grab the Sony remote to unmute.
  2. The Input list is hit or miss. Not every HDMI input on the AVR are available in Roomie, but also not every input on the list exist on the AVR.

I have made do for the past 6 months without any other issue.

I can start digging around for information on serial and IP control for these units and will contact support if I find anything.

So I did do more testing and I got it to work via IR using the Globelcache Flex. But I had to make some adjustments to get it to work. there is a feature option called “repeated commands”. I set that to 3 and got it to work to all the options now.

I did contact Sony and the tech told me that the IP control for Sony isn’t 100% working. So hopefully future updates will fix that. They also told me that the IP Control Port number which is different than what is on the RoomieRemote Compatibility page for Sony AVRs. They told me use port 54380 when configuring IP Control. I tested this using a different software real quick and it would adjust the volume it was still hit or miss on other items. So for now I am staying with IR control.

I just added the Sony to RoomieRemote using port 54380 and I changed the repeated commands to 3 and it seems to be working pretty good. I will do more testing with it and if there are any issues I come across I will report it.

@Will_Price I heard back from Sony today and they sent me a zip file with all the new IP, IR, and RS232 codes for the new Sony receivers (AS1000ES, AZ3000ES, AZ5000ES, and AZ7000ES)

I’m still unsuccessful at IP controlling the Sony and wasn’t sure if these files would be help for you to update the Sony Receiver list?

Please send to support and link back to this thread.