Sony BDP-S5100 Home Theater Recommendation

I’m curious as to why you recommended the Sony BDP-S5100 over something that would provide time scrubbing feedback. Is there something about this unit (loading time, picture quality) that makes it better?



Every other attribute of the 5100 is pretty much ideal. From the full IP control with power to quiet operation to the load times, it’s a great box.

That said, you’re absolutely right that it lacks play position feedback and play position setting. Once you’ve used those, it’s hard to go back.

Given that this year’s Panasonic models were so not ready for prime time that they don’t even have IP control, we would normally have selected them. In fact, arguably you may want to go back a year and get the 220 from last year. It was a great box. Until they fix their models though, we believe the Sony 5100 is best affordable player in this year’s models.

The real best of course is the Oppo 103. Full interactive feedback via serial, basically everything you could want – the only thing really lacking in Oppo’s players is that their IP control is still very poor, you will want to control that via serial. We put this into our top recommended system.

If price is no object, Kaleidescape Cinema One blows all of those things out of the water.

Thank you.