Sony BDP-S5100 - Netflix command arriving out of order?

Hi. First, here’s my setup:
Sharp LC-46LE830U TV (IP control)
TiVo HD (IP control)
Sony BDP-S5100 (IP control)
Apple TV (infrared via IP2IR - come on Apple, get it together!)

The Sony BDP-S5100 is new to the system as of yesterday, and I got a “Watch Blu-ray” activity set up easily enough including wake-on-LAN power on. As it turns out that (IMO) the S5100 does Netflix better than any of the other devices I have in the stack, I’m trying to set up a separate activity that goes directly to Netflix using the player’s dedicated button.

My “Watch Blu-ray” activity is thus:
Blu-ray: +WAKE ON LAN
TV: POWER ON, delay 1000ms

This works perfectly. I made a copy of it for my Netflix activity, and that’s where things start to go all funny:

Blu-ray: +WAKE ON LAN
TV: POWER ON, delay 1000ms
TV: INPUT HDMI 3, delay 1000ms
Blu-ray: NETFLIX

Somehow, it seems, the Netflix command is slipping in immediately after the TV’s POWER ON and before the INPUT HDMI 3, before the Blu-ray player is ready. I’ve set the delay in bold all the way up to 20000ms and it doesn’t seem to make any difference. I’ve also tried putting the NETFLIX command in other places in the activity, but it always tries to be right after the TV’s POWER ON.

Can you shed any light? Am I doing something horrendously wrong?

Thank you in advance.

Commands to your TV and commands to your BD player are on unrelated pipelines. You can do what you want easily, but you need to think about the different command pipelines. This thread covers that topic: … t-command/

Thank you.