Sony BDP-S5200 Blue Ray player Power on

My Sony BluRay will not turn on using IP, does anyone have the same issue?

I have the remote on option on, and once it is on all works perfectly. I have it working fine as I have a spare port on my IR blaster, so use that just to turn it on, then IP for everything else, but I’d prefer it if it could work as it should.

It’s a Wake on LAN model. This KB article shows how to power that on:

Yup read it followed it and didn’t work so I used ir and sent this message

Given that it is a known WoL model, most likely the unit itself is not configured, there are usually settings related to sleep/wake/quickstart that need to be on, or the format of the MAC Address is incorrect. Can only take guesses in a forum.

OK got it thanks.
There was a message saying something like Manual entry of MAC address is required for Manual IP devices, my mistake, but I read that as manually added devices so I had assumed that as my device was automatically added that it mean that you already had the MAC. Anyway, MAC now entered and is working fine :slight_smile:

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