Sony BDP-S590 Wifi power on ok with media remote but not roo

I read all the posts on getting the Sony BDP-S590 to power on. I have it working but only if there is a wired connection when using roomie. I was surprised to find that the Sony media remote app DOES power up the S590 with wifi. I tested twice with cable unplugged to make sure. Is there any way to get roomie to power up the S590 via wifi since the Sony app can? Or is is a simple bug/oversight that can be fixed? I tried with wake-on-lan on and off no luck. Thanks!

It’s likely that’s caused by a MAC address. It seems like Sony sometimes advertises the wrong one to us. This is why you can type in any MAC address into the +WAKE ON LAN command in Roomie. If you look on the Sony menus under System Information, it will show you the MAC address for Wi-Fi if you have it connected that way. Enter that into the +WAKE ON LAN command in Roomie using the format shown in the field (no spaces, no colons).

Thank you.