Sony Blu Ray BDP-S590 Powering Issue

There is a setting in the menus of the player to enable Power On via IP. It’s usually called Network Standby or QuickStart. If that is off (which it often is by default), the player will not turn on via IP.

I have the same problem with the BDP-S590 powering up over IP. Even with the ‘Remote Start’ set to ON it doesn’t power up. I’ve had to set up a power on command through an Itach IP to IR using a blaster.



Yes, the power commands do nothing. That model requires Wake on LAN:

Still working with this…From the compatibility chart:

“Use free Sony Media Remote iOS app to register with the Sony BDP prior to use.”

I’m not sure how the app helps Roomie Power On the BDP

I downloaded the app, got the Blu-Ray registered, the Sony remote works…my phone shows up in the Sony settings…still can’t get the BDP-S590 to power on. After I turn the BDP on with the Sony remote it will connect to Roomie (about 30 sec) and operate perfectly…but can’t get it to power on. I’m using Wake On LAN too… I LOVE this amazing remote and this is my only holdback. I’m hoping there’s a workaround or something else I’m missing?

Please reference our last 2 messages in the following thread that resolved the confusion with this player when using Wi-Fi: