Sony Bravia Home Theater / Blu Ray

I cannot get my Sony Brava home theater system to show up. I was able to connect to it with the sony app, but roomie won’t see it. I tried to manually connect but nothing sees to work.

We’re not sure what device you’re talking about. Is it on the IP list:

It sure sounds like an IR device in which case you select the iTach not the Sony. After selecting the iTach, you then select Home Theater System then Sony.

I dont have an itach. I have a Sony blu ray disk that is also a home theater sound system. I can use the app Sony provides to connect to it though the network. But it doesn’t appear as an item in the auto search and I can’t manually connect. I believe it’s a BDV-E780W. No it’s not on the list. But if it uses the same Sony app., then shouldn’t the codes be the same?


The IP compatibility list is the list of items compatible via IP and we keep the list fully up to date – if it’s not on the list, it probably needs an iTach. Sony has many, many variations on their codes, so most likely they’re not the same. You could try to add it via Manual IP as if it were a Sony BDP, but we think the chances of that working are about 30%.