Sony CDP400CS 400 disk CD changer

I am lucky enough to have scored a deal on a Sony CDP400CS 400 CD changer a while back. It is just a great machine.

I have found that Roomie will support the 5 series of CDP’s but I can’t select any of the upper disks.

I know there is a bunch of these CDP400CS’s on other Sony multichangers out there. Can we get the codes added to the IR support devices? Also, since it is on Sony’s Control-A 1II system I believe I can plug my cable from my GC100-12 IR output directly into the port?

It would also be nice to have the CDP display show up on the Roomie controller.

If this cannot be supported directly is there a way I can enter my control codes on a custom remote?

If you just want to learn some additional IR codes, you can learn those within the app:

If you have standard codes you want to paste into Roomie, you can use the DDK for that:

The same link can be used for serial and other device types for custom codes.