Sony NSZ-GT1 blu ray with google tv

I am trying to setup ip controls for this device, but don’t know the protocol.

I used wireshark to capture traffic to / from the Sony Blu Ray device. I monitored traffic from the sony media remote app. I have wireshark captures, which led me to discover 5 XML files that reside on the device. These files are called : AVTransportSCPD.xml, ConnectionManagerSCPD.xml, Ircc.xml, MediaRenderer.xml, and RenderingControlSCPD.xml. Would any of these assist in adding functionality to the app or making custom IP commands for a limited set of commands, such as power On and Play.

While there is a possibility you might be able to get some very basic control via some of those generic UPnP commands, it’s also quite possible they will do nothing. There are a few tools on the net that run on desktop systems that would let you run some quick experiments to see whether any of those work.

The “actual” IP control mechanism for Google TV is unrelated to UPnP. It’s an extremely heavyweight/overwrought protocol, but it generally offers what is needed. We haven’t prioritized it yet as there isn’t much deployment of Google TV, but we may do so if the landscape changes.

What tools would allow me to test? I am mostly looking for power on

Hi there, is there IP functionality available for this device? I’ve tried the Sony Media Player with manual IP using ports 50002/52323 but no luck. Any assistance would be helpful - thank you!

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Google TV is pretty much the same beast that it was in our prior post. Usage of Google TV still seems to be very low and Google itself seems to have refocused to unrelated efforts like Chromecast which are not building on top of Google TV. We’re still keeping an eye on Google TV as a future addition but have no plans to announce at this time.

Thank you.