Sony NSZ-GT1 Blu Ray with GoogleTV

Can support for IP control of this device be added? The unit is only controllable via the RF Remote or IP Control so I am out of luck in controlling it with the Roomie Remote.

This device is not on the supported IP list, and doesn’t appear automatically. As another member posted, the Sony Media App Works fine with the device. The issue is the remote for the device is RF Only, so the iTach i purchased is not an option to control it either. What are the options I have, can I somehow create a custom device / IP Commands and configure the app? What options do I have to “sniff” the connection between the Sony app and the device to determine the message format. OR could support be added for the device in a future version?

I used wireshark to capture traffic to / from the Sony Blu Ray device. I have wireshark captures, which led me to discover 5 XML files that reside on the device. These files are called : AVTransportSCPD.xml, ConnectionManagerSCPD.xml, Ircc.xml, MediaRenderer.xml, and RenderingControlSCPD.xml. Would any of these assist in adding functionality to the app or making custom IP commands for a limited set of commands, such as power On and Play.