Sony Projectors - VPL Series

This request is for additional remote functionality for Sony VPL projectors. I just setup a Sony VPL-VW50 in my theatre room and purchased roomie remote and a Global Cache IP2SL. Wired the IP2SL to my projector and setup the device using the VW100 serial option in roomie. The only function available with this setup is power on and off, no other remote functionality is available.

Would like to request that other remote functionality be added, such as ability to change 3D settings and other film quality options. I’m happy to help with development if you guys can provide some guidance. Would be interested in the plist used to turn power on/off, I may be able to use as a template to expand the command set.

The set in the library is for the VPL-VW1000ES per the compatibility list:

So it’s not too surprising some of those features wouldn’t work. But it’s also good news that some do. Support can help you to get that working further.

Thank you.

Thanks for your reply, guess I’ll contact support, it’s not that the features don’t work, they don’t exist at all not even for the 100, all you have on the test remote is a pore button. Looks like no other features have been implemented.

Sounds like you’re using the 100 set not the 1000 set. Yes, that set is so small we don’t even list it in the compatibility list. The 1000 set has a huge number of commands, but may not work with your model.

Thank you.