Sony STR-ZA810ES and SC5

A few months ago I got my Sony STR-ZA810ES receiver working with simeple contol 4. I see that there is now support for the STR-DN-1080 in SC5.

According to sony the ZA810ES and the DN-1080 use the same command set, but the za810es is not discovered by SC, nor when adding it manually can I tell it to use the DN-1080 command set. The only one that still works is the DN-1070 Zone 1 commands. Neither the STR-DN-10X0 Zone 1 or DN Models command sets work.

Can’t tell from your message if you’re saying it’s working for you or not because you mention you found a working set. In any case, if it’s the same, you can look at the compatibility page, grab the port number for that (33336), add a Receiver manually, brand Sony, category DN-1070 Zone 1.

Yeah, it works as Dn-1070 Zone 1. I thought i saw in the notes however that there was new dn-1080 support. The DN-1070 support has always been slightly imperfect however. Support for receiver “modes” in particular seems broken.