Sony TV problem

I have a fairly old Sony LCD TV, an MFM-HT75W. It was sort of marketed as an HD monitor as much as a TV (only has an analogue tuner). Of course, I’ve lost the remote! I’ve searched around, and people do say that normal Sony remotes don’t work with this TV. Any ideas on how I can support it with Roomie?

Sorry, neglected to say that I have tried the “Sony TV All Models All Types” and none of the codes work.

Try changing the retransmit count from 1 to 2 or 3 - this worked for my Sony TV.

It’s also mentioned in the Troubleshooting section of the FAQs.


Nah, tried that. I think this particular model just uses completely different codes.

Can anyone from Roomie comment on this please?

If it really isn’t a Sony TV and is actually considered a monitor then it is conceivable it doesn’t use Sony’s codes. In that case you’d need to either find or learn the codes.

Thank you.